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Talks on Gnosis & its Universal Principles.
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New Course on Gnosis

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The Darch Gnostic Centre are offering a series of talks that focusing on self-knowledge. To achieve happiness, personal growth, life purpose, and the alleviation of suffering, one must attain self-knowledge. These discussions will highlight the core principles of self-knowledge, as explored through the study of Gnosis.

‘Gnosis’, is a Greek term, that means knowledge acquired through direct experience. Throughout history, this knowledge, known today as Gnosis, has taken various names and forms, always aiming to awaken human consciousness. Its ultimate goal is the liberation from suffering and the realisation of one’s full human and spiritual potential. Gnosis is discovered and cultivated within our daily lives, fostering a deep connection with oneself.


If you would like to attend or have any questions, please complete the form below or contact Osmin on: 0421 661 467.

Location: 7 Linnett Brace, Darch, 6065

Date: Commencing 9th of June, Friday Night

Time: 7.30pm – 9pm

Cost: By donation

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What is the format of the classes?
Most classes go from 1.5hrs to 2hours, with each class consisting of a talk and a guided meditation practice. Practices range from introductory techniques for relaxation and meditation, to keys that can be applied in daily life. No previous experience is needed. The weekly classes and practices serve as a foundation to further develop the science and ethics of meditation in a more in depth manner.

Gnosis at it’s heart is a purely practical school, and consists of a wide variety of esoteric and psychological practices that compliment the theoretical knowledge that is given for the purpose that that which is taught can be verified by the student, thus allowing the student to attain their own.

What kind of commitment do the classes require?
As far as attendance to the introductory classes, anyone is welcome to attend one, several or all of the classes being offered in the series of public talks. For those who are interested, a weekly course will continue which will go deeper into the topics that have been introduced. Since the classes and practices build on each other, consistent weekly attendance is expected for those who decide to continue with the classes. If you decide you do not want to continue with the classes at any point in time, you are free to do so with no further obligations. If we do not hear from you, you will not hear from us. This is done to respect your privacy.